Boats and Yachts insurance


One ship sails east, and another west, by the self-same winds that blow. For it’s the set of the sails, And not the gales, that tells the way we go.

Regardless of whether your yacht stays in port or slices the deep blue sea, she needs a secure insurance protection. 

Name gives luck to a vessel, an insurance gives security. The name is usually given during launch, and insurance is something you should think about before that. 

As regards evaluation of risk, insurance for yachts and boats differs from commercial vessels mainly by the fact that the former are usually owned by natural persons; lack of professional notions and experience in navigation and behaviour in a seaway of the yachtsmen, in this case, obliges the insurance companies to evaluate all risks more thoroughly. 

Insurance plans available in the Spanish market comprise protection of the boats themselves with all their equipment, as well as civil liability of the owner of the vessel, including reimbursement of damages to third parties in case of collision with another vessel.

In this case, third-party life and bodily injuries and property damage are insured.   

In Spain third-party liability insurance is compulsory, and no yacht may be operated or put into a port without an appropriate insurance policy. 

GENERALI NAUTICO insurance policy by Expert Agents guarantees its clients protection from unexpected expenses, financial safety and tranquillity.