Motor insurance in Spain


Automobile is not a luxury, but a means of transport.

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When you purchase a motorcar the best is to think about protecting it from the first moment to avoid any unforeseen situations and expenses. Many questions may arise in connection with this matter, and the best way to solve them is – expert motor insurance! 

After all the best way to solve problems is to prevent them! 

Motor insurance shall be comfortable, not onerous for the motorist and, most important, it shall give total confidence and security. 

Generali Autos insurance policy by Expert Agents will provide you with all this to the full extent! 

We offer a wide range of insurance coverages and guarantee flexible insurance conditions, giving you an opportunity to choose an insurance plan for yourself. 

In Spain insurance of civil liability of motor vehicle owners is mandatory, but there are different options of insurance depending on coverages and types of objects:

  • Third party liability insurance for motor vehicle owners -  the compulsory option; 
  • Voluntary insurance which apart from third party liability comprises insurance against hijacking, fire, broken windows, mechanical and electrical failures, brake-down truck services; insurance of driver and passengers against accident – comprehensive insurance. 

All risk insurance is available, that is, independently of who is responsible for an accident, the insurance company will repair the insured vehicle. All risk insurance may have deductible amount conditions or not (in case of any deductible amount being agreed, that is the amount the owner of the vehicle will pay towards reparations in case of insured event, and the company will pay the rest).

All risk motor insurance with deductible amounts reduces the price of the policy and is considered the best price-quality option. However you should remember that the deductible amount will apply to every insured event separately. 

All risk motor insurance without deductible amount is the most expensive and not always justified option, but in this case, all expenses will be covered by the company in case of insured event. 

To insure a vehicle the following documents are required: 

  • Personal documents: 
    ID, driving license, residential address, driving experience, “no-claim” history (if you had no claims in the last years you may be granted a discount). 
  • Vehicle documentation:
    Vehicle registration certificate – tarjeta de inspección técnica de vehículos and motor vehicle certificate of title – permiso de circulación, indicating make and model, year of production, date of registration, and other characteristics of the vehicle. 
  • List of complementary information. 

The price of insurance directly depends on price, age and power of the vehicle; driving experience, age and no-claim period (history of traffic accidents, if any) of the driver is also important. 

Contemporary automotive industry creates safer vehicles every time, but no one is guaranteed from being involved in a traffic accident. If an accident took place, the most important is to act calmly and not to panic. 

If there are injured, you should immediately call ambulance and police. Emergency service number in Spain is 112. 

When you abandon your vehicle and move around the carriageway, you should wear a marker-yellow vest with reflective stripes, which accordingly to the effective law should be kept in all vehicles in all times. 

The accident scene should be separated and the vehicles removed from the carriage way when possible to avoid further accidents. 

Every motorcar shall carry two triangles for the purpose. On mountain roads and other ways with restricted visibility, the triangles should be placed 50 metres away, in both directions from the accident scene. On the roads with median strip both triangles shall be placed behind the vehicle, 50 and 100 metres away. 

It is important to make note of plates, make and model, driver’s details and details of the insurance company and policy number of the other party involved in the traffic accident. 

In case of accident both drivers shall fill out corresponding forms of European Act about accidents, which should be kept together with the insurance documentation. It is recommended to fill out the form personally comparing information against original documents. 

In the form you should indicate details of both drivers, details of both policies and a sketch of the traffic accident, as well as position of each car at the moment of accident, which directly affects determination of the responsible party. 

The form shall be signed by both drivers, and keep a copy each, and present them to their respective insurance companies within 7 days. 

When the insurance companies receive information about traffic accident, the companies shall establish the responsible party. A specialist will see the vehicles to estimate the damage, after which, compensations shall be paid accordingly. If your vehicle is unrepairable, full price of the vehicle will be paid accordingly to the table of prices depending on model and age of the vehicle. 

If the party responsible for the traffic accident flew from the accident scene, you should make note of his plates, and details of witnesses if any. Then you should forward the form to your insurance company. 

If there is no bodily injuries there is no need to call police. 

Police is usually called if the parties disagree on the happenings, than the policeman will fill out the form himself and forward it to the insurance company on request. 

In most cases brake-down truck service and transportation of the driver to the place of residence is included in the insurance policies. The insurance company will forward a brake-down truck to take the damaged vehicle to a car service centre, and pay for a taxi to take the driver and passengers to their place of residence. 

Insurance policy GENERALI AUTOS by Expert Agents provides for safety of traffic, offering services that will make your life more comfortable.