Life insurance detail


To have a due life insurance is a moral obligation of all citizen!

Benjamin Franklin

Generali is the leading company in the area of life insurance in Europe and takes the highest positions in the international insurance market. The Company offers its clients a wide range of insurance programmes that perfectly adapt to their plans for the future and their finances.

The essence of life insurance is to protect personal and family income from unexpected situations and to consolidate existing well-being.

Financial interest of the insured is the key point in this type of insurance.

Life insurance in Spain guarantees that after death of the insured person his/her family or heirs, indicated in the insurance contract, will receive a certain amount of money.

GENERALI VIDA UNIVERSAL insurance policy helps to take care of your loved ones and to plan your future and the future of your family responsibly.

What is important to you:

  • Family:
      • Who sustains you family?
      • Who depends on you economically?
      • What protection can you count on, in case of unforeseen events?
  • Future:
      • How will your income be affected when you stop working or reach retirement age?
      • How do you plan to provide for yourself when retired?
      • Do you have enough savings for the future?

Insurance policy GENERALI VIDA UNIVERSAL – is a complex solution for all purposes and life’s emergencies:

  • Protection of Family:
      • Replacement income in case of loss of bread-winner;
      • Financial help in case of accident;
      • Guarantee of fulfilment of financial obligations.
  • Protection of Future:
      • High level of insurance coverage with possibility to accrue savings;
      • Accumulation of capital before certain age;
      • Confidence in the financial security of your family;
      • Provision for a decent living standard for you and your family in the future.

Insurance policy GEENRALI VIDA UNIVERSAL offers well-thought-out life and health insurance plans that perfectly adapt to the needs of every client. 

Life insurance policy VIDA UNIVERSAL is a guarantee by which an insurer provides for payment of up to 1 000 000 Euro to the beneficiary under the contract, in case of death of the insured. 

Moreover, the policy VIDA UNIVERSAL offers a flexible approach to insurance against accidents and illnesses for different risks. 

For example, one can receive part of the capital accrued, or the whole amount in case of disability or permanent handicap due to an accident.

Moreover, in case of serious illness being diagnosed, the insured may dispose of the insurance amount or any part thereof from the moment when the diagnosis is made. 

These diseases comprise: cancer, major organ transplant, loss of speech, loss of limb, renal failure, cardio surgery, loss of vision, encephalitis, stroke, Alzheimer, coma, heart attack, paralysis, severe burns, Parkinson, disseminated sclerosis.  

In case of diagnosis of a serious disease, insurance policy VIDA UNIVERSAL provides for a second opinion for a more precise diagnosis in the best hospitals and medical centres in the world. 

In case of death of the insured person, his/her family receives professional support for organisation of funeral. 

Insurance policy VIDA UNIVERSAL helps to provide for expenses for treatment and rehabilitation after serious disease and accidents; allows for cosmetic surgery for injuries after accidents. 

Insurance policy GENERALI VIDA UNIVERSAL by Expert Agents offers a fare, specially designed for you, taking into account your health condition, your habits and your lifestyle. 

Individual and family modes are available, family policy has an important discount. 

Life and health insurance is the choice of those who want to: 

  • Ensure decent standard of life for themselves and their families; 
  • Enable their children to get education in the best schools and universities in the world; 
  • To be sure of economic wellbeing despite any unexpected events.

Insurance policy GENERALI VIDA UNIVERSAL by Expert Agents is the solution that will enable all your family to face the future without economic problems.