Business insurance detailed

Business activities often imply certain risks. Business insurance enables a businessperson to minimise possible damage that might be caused to the enterprise or the business as a whole. 

Insurance policy GENERALI NEGOCIO by Expert Agents is an integrated solution thought for insurance protection of your business. 

GENERALI NEGOCIO insurance policy includes: 

- property insurance: 

  • production facilities and sale premises. Insurance covers the face of the building, interior decoration, engineering equipment, doors and windows, floors, secondary partition walls, finishing materials fixed on the floor, ceiling and walls, sanitary ware and utility equipment, electric wiring, electric meters, terraces, banners and other advertisement elements situated within the radius of 100 metres. 
  • equipment and tools, production (raw materials, goods) electric equipment, computers, office equipment, instruments, production implements and household equipment, furniture, interior decoration items;
  • special value items; 

Property insurance covers the following events:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion;
  • Natural calamity, ground subsidence, ground water impact, falling trees, collapse of adjacent buildings;
  • Theft and damage related to theft;
  • Failure of different utility systems (water supply pipeline, sewage, heating, fire-fighting systems, etc.);
  • Equipment failure;


  • General civil liability insurance i.е. responsibility of the enterprise in all those cases when employees, goods or services of the enterprise cause damage to the third parties or their property;
  • third-party insurance for goods or works outside the territory of the company (enterprise); 
  • third-party responsibility of the user of a commercial premises before the owner of the premises – tenant’s responsibility;
  • insurance of civil responsibility before the employees – patronal; this insurance covers salary not received by the injured employee during temporary disability, medical treatment costs, additional expenses for recovery and rehabilitation.

GENERALI NEGOCIO insurance policy is a commercial insurance for business risks in case of insured events that cause loss or damage:

  • suspension of production process due to damage caused by water, fire, lightning;
  • suspension of production process due to replacement of glasses, mirrors and sanitary ware, as well as due to electrical damage;
  • suspension of production process due to failure of income producing machinery and special equipment, need for aesthetic restoration;
  • interruption of business activities caused by unforeseen circumstances followed by rent of premises for the time of suspension of the activity; 
  • total loss of property due to actions of third parties;
  • restoration works.

GENERALI NEGOCIO insurance policy protects your business and offers the following services:

  • reparation works (for every insured event);
  • urgent locksmith,  plumber or electrician services;
  • aggregate technological services;
  • legal defence in court.

GENERALI NEGOCIO insurance policy guarantees insurance covers for:

  • excess water consume due to leakage;
  • replacement of stolen or lost keys;
  • aesthetic furniture reparation;
  • damage caused by low temperatures;
  • restoration of gardens;
  • replacement of damages countertops, sun panels, window panes.

GENERALI NEGOCIO insurance policy provides legal defence, legal advice and accounting consultations. 

GENERALI NEGOCIO insurance policy by Expert Agents is a complex offer for those who value their business and do not want to assume extra risks.




Table 1

Table of covers

Basic coversProperty
Insurance cover limit
Insurance cover limit
Fire and its consequences
Fire, explosion, lightning strike 100% 100%
Damage by smoke 100% 100%
Exterior impacts 100% 100%
Total ruin due to works carried out by third parties 100% 100%
Fire caused by short-circuit 100% 100%
Fire suppression system spillages or leaks 100% 100%
Meteorological phenomena
Rain, wind, hail and snow 100% 100%
Leaks and seepage 100% 100%
Flooding 100% 100%
Water damage
Leaks 100% 100%
Detection and repairs 100% -
Urgent plumbing without damages 200€ -
Urgent unblocking of sewage pipes 400€ -
Glass and mirrors 100% personal capital
Methacrylate and similar
Natural and artificial stone  countertops or surfaces
Solar panels
Burglary and Vandalism
Theft, burglary and damage caused by burglary  100% personal capital -
Theft and burglary of furniture and personal effects - 100%
Acts of vandalism 100% personal capital 100%
Theft related to replacement of keys and locks  - 1% (max.500€


Table 2

Table of covers

Insurance cover limit
Insurance cover limit
Demolition of buildings, rescue works and other expenses 10% 10%
Suspension of production 
Expenses related  to temporary unworthiness of commercial premises - 20% (max. 1 year)
Temporary residence rental 20% (max. 1 year) -
Aesthetic restoration Established limits
Frost damage Maximum 2000€
Maximum 1000€
Other damage (bulged glass,  aquarium, fish bowl, window panes, sanitary ware other than ceramic, items on display)
Detection and reparation of leaks of water without damage (over 200€) Maximum 1000€ -
Excess water use Max. 1000€ -
Aesthetic restoration of furniture - Max. 1500€
Temporary relocation of goods - 10% (max. 30000€)
All-risk cover 100% 100%
Restoration of gardens 100% personal capital -
Vehicles in the garage - 100% personal capital
Compensation for lost monetary funds
Theft and robbery of money from a safe box  - 100% personal capital
Theft and robbery of money (outside a safe box) - 100% personal capital
Robbery of clients’ and employees’ cash money - 100% личного капитала (max. 150€ per person)
Employees’ infidelity  - 100% personal capital
Vehicles for transportation of goods - 100% personal capital
Damage of mechanical and electric equipment  - 100% personal capital
Refrigerated goods  - 100% personal capital
Daily compensation (max. 90 days) - 100% personal capital
Loss of profit - 100% personal capital
Civil responsibility for business Established limits
(for every injured 150.000€
Limit for defence and bail 150.000€)
As owner of commercial premises
Conduct of business
Produced goods, works outside the commercial premises
Defence in court and reclamation of damage  6000€
Extended defence in court Additional covers
Services for production Included
Integrated technological services Additional covers