Burial insurance detailed

In case of death of an insured person in Spain or anywhere in the world, insurance company GENERALI, in compliance with the selected policy, organises transportation of the body from the place of death to the closest international airport to the place of burial in the country of origin of the deceased insured person upon notification of the person’s legal successors, covers medical and legal expenses, related to the grievous loss.

GENERALI offers several insurance plans, which cover expenses for funeral services and repatriation, helping its clients in hard times. 

Insurance policy Generali Protección Residentes by Expert Agents covers expenses for repatriation and helps the family of the deceased in these hard times.

Basic guarantees of the policy comprise:

  • coverage of expenses related to the death in Spain before repatriation; 
  • medical and legal expenses related to repatriation; 
  • administrative expenses;
  • transfer of the body of the deceased from the place of death to the city of burial in the home country; 
  • air tickets for the accompanying person. 

Insurance policy Generali Protección Single Expatriados by Expert Agents  is a personal insurance for travelling abroad to work or to study, which provides peace of mind when living away from home. 

Basic guarantees of the policy: 

  • emigrant assistance: 50 000 Euro to cover special medical expenses abroad, travel assistance, special transfer to Spain in case of serious disease; 
  • necessary information about the country of temporary stay before the trip; 
  • urgent medical consultations via internet; 
  • second opinion by the most prestigious specialists and medical centres in case of serious disease;
  • 24-hours legal assistance;
  • repatriation from the place of death to the city of burial in Spain, including air tickets for the accompanying person;
  • in case of death of a close relative – urgent assistance for participation in the funeral ceremony  at the place of burial, including transport expenses;
  • accident insurance – with capital of 50 000 Euro in case of permanent disability as a result of an accident. 

Insurance policy Generali Protección Edad Oro by Expert Agents guarantees secure and mindful assistance in the hard moment, when it is most appreciated…

Basic guarantees of the policy:

  • Burial expenses cover, including domestic or international transfer of body in case of need, medical and legal expenses;
  • 24-hour helpline, including psychological support; 
  • help at home in case of disease or accident.

Insurance plan Generali DECESOS/ Proteccion Familiar by Expert Agents is designed to help the families in case of death of its member in any part of the world and covers expenses related to repatriation and burial.

Generali DECESOS policy comprises a series of guarantees designed to cover the needs of all family members, representing a great plan for maintenance of wellbeing of a family.

Basic guarantees for all insured:

  • Provision for burial expenses for each family member with capitals stipulated in the contract, with possibility to choose disposition type. Moreover, if the cost of funeral services will be lower than the insurance amount, the difference will be paid in cash. 
  • additional capital for funeral services which covers possible increase of price of burial or covers additional services provided. 
    • funeral expenses, including transportation of the body of the deceased within the territory of Spain or abroad; 
    • free choice of crematorium or cemetery; 
    • legal medical expenses in case of forensic autopsy;
    • special funeral services: for a foetus during pregnancy; for babies under 30 days of age, for burial of stumps, or in case of death of relatives of the Insurant, not included in the insurance policy.
  • psychological assistance on the telephone; 
  • services for all administrative formalities related to the burial; 
  • services for termination of presence of the deceased in the Internet: social and professional networks, blogs, cancellation of e-mail accounts.  

Additional guarantees Generali DECESOS/ Proteccion Familiar

  • death or total disablement as a result of an accident: the beneficiaries receive the capital, if the insured person suffered an accident which led to death or total disability;
  • hospitalisation in case of disease or an accident: coverage of daily expenses for dwelling, food, telephone, etc.: the insured person will be paid a welfare for each day spend in the medical centre due to illness or accident. In case of being attended in the ICU, the welfare will be increased up to 200%.

 The above policies’ guarantees do not include expenses and funeral ceremony if the insured deceased in a country in the state of war, rebellion or violent conflict. 

There are periods of time from the moment of signature of the insurance of contract and effectiveness of coverage thereunder; these time-related restrictions do not apply in case of insured events resulting from an accident. 

Time-related restrictions for services

Guarantees Insurance plan options
Burrial expenses 20 days 20 days 20 days
Additional capitals for burial 20 days Not included in the policy Not included in the policy
Funeral services 20 days 20 days 12 months
Family assistance 20 days 20 days 20 days
Death or complete disability as a result of an accident Unlimited Disability without limit Not included in the policy
Hospitalisation due to illness or an accident  3 months, 8 months in case of delivery or adoption 3 months, 8 months in case of delivery or adoption Not included in the policy
Repatriation 20 days Not included in the policy Not included in the policy

Insurance plan Generali DECESOS by Expert Agents –Saves worries and complications related to organisation of funeral, as well as those related to possible insufficiency of funds to cover all expenses.